"Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy."    Benjamin Franklin 


1409 Darden Avenue | Albertville | Alabama | 35951


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​​Jules J. Berta Vineyards


Where to begin...

     Our story dates back to 1959 when Jules' father, a young Hungarian refugee, immigrated to America.  In 1983, he moved to Alabama and upon arriving, he believed northern Alabama to be wine country!  Thus, his dreams of growing true wine grapes, part of what he left behind in the Old World, consumed him.

     The first vines were planted in 1987 and over a decade later, 8 more acres were planted.  The vines consist mainly of Cabernet, Merlot, Sylvaner and Chardonnay.  The oldest varietal is Blaufrankisch which was known as Mr. Berta's hobby lot.  Unfortunately, Mr. Berta passed away before the winery came to fruition.  In honoring his father and the journey he made to freedom, Jules and his wife opened the winery in 2008.

     We are building a heritage to pass down through the generations.  Four generations have become involved.  We are a vineyard and winery where the work is by family, such as hand picked grapes and homemade wines. We dabble with our local farmers to bring sweet muscadine wines and fruit wines to our tasting room. Farming, it has become a way of life!

     The future promises a more expansive and diverse vineyard.  Vines being planted include Sauvignon blanc, Petit Syrah and a new varietal known only as Red Chardonnay.  

Yes, the dream continues to evolve!


Jules,  Becky, and  Family